Brass Quintet

by Zack Smith
Price: $25

Transposed parts can be ordered.

This is a quintet version of Zack's latest masterpiece -- a five movement work that paints a loving portrait of the Orthodox Jewish community in Baltimore's Reisterstown area.  The first movement, "Torah Parade" evokes one of the more unusual scenes from the community as people gather and then march a set of scrolls from one temple to another.  "One Minute 'til Shabbat" follows a rabbi stuck in traffic as he tries to make it home before sundown.  The time signature shifts several times as the seconds tick away in this minute long piece.  The third movement, "Under the Chuppah", uses flugels and the French horn to tell the story of a young bride as she walks to the chuppah under which she will wed.  The jazzy "Purim" reflects one of the more interesting Jewish holidays, as all the men gather to dance and drink until late in the evening.  Finally, the work concludes with "Community", which brings together many of the different elements into a lively dance, then a powerful prayer, and finally a haunting echo.  Although this has been reduced from the original six-piece version, the lush harmonies and complex counter lines remain intact.

Listen to a recording of the sextet version and imagine it thinned out a bit.
Movement 1 - Torah Parade
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Movement 2 - One Minute 'til Shabbat
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Movement 3 - Under the Chuppah
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Movement 4 - Purim
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Movement 5 - Community
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