Brass Quintet

Milenberg Joys
by Jelly Roll Morton
arr. Zack Smith
Price: $15

Transposed parts can be ordered.

This is one of Jelly Roll Morton's more famous rags.  It was a tricky one to figure out, because if you listen to ten bands play this tune, you will hear ten very different ideas of what the song actually is.  Zack ended up basing this arrangement on a Piano roll, a recording of Jelly Roll, a Louis Armstrong performance, Jim Cullum's Riverwalk youtube video, several New Orleans street bands, and a 1925 recording by the "Tennessee Tooters" (seriously!).  Trumpets get most of the glory, though the trombone gets to play a transcription of a Kid Ory solo and a lot of tailgate.  This should be a nice concert piece to add to your ragtime show.

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