Brass Quintet

Jewish Wedding Classics
arr. Zack Smith
Price: $20

Transposed parts can be ordered.

Having played with Ultra Orthodox and not so Orthodox Jewish wedding bands for the past twenty years, Zack Smith is somewhat of a goy expert on the repertoire.  This collection contains six well-known Jewish melodies that he figures every brass quintet should have in their book if they are playing a Jewish wedding, along with a tip sheet on how to get through one.  "Siman Tov and Mazel Tov", "Hava Nagilah", "Od Yishoma", "Erev Shel Shoshanim", "Ya'ase Shalom", and "Tumbalalika" are all included.  Even if you aren't playing a wedding or bar mitzvah, getting this collection will be a good way to add some ethnic music to your folder.  L'chaim!

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3 Methods of Delivery

Download the arrangement from the link in your immediate confirmation e-mail as an Adobe PDF file and pay no shipping fee! Receive the arrangement as an e-mail attachment.  A $2 handling fee will be included.
(May take 1-2 days.)
Receive the printed sheet music in the mail.
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Print the sheet music yourself (PDF download).

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