Brass Quintet

French Quarter Snapshots
by Zack Smith
Price: $25

Transposed parts can be ordered.

Zack has taken his 2012 Humboldt Award-winning brass trio and expanded it for brass quintet.  The entire four movement piece runs about nine minutes -- but the movements hold up well by themselves if you want to just play one or two at a performance.  The opening movement, "As the Morning Fog Lifts", is a gentle, somewhat French-modern statement and introduces several themes which work their way throughout the composition.  "Ol' Levee Stomp", the second movement, is a saucy blues inspired by the playing of Louis Armstrong.  The trombone also is heavily featured.  The third movement, "Voodoo Dance", is a very Twentieth-century modern construction with an urgent eighth note line that pulsates to the climax.  "Funeral Function" is the last movement and wraps up the piece the way all things are concluded in New Orleans -- with a parade and an "Amen".

Listen to a recording of the trio version and imagine it fuller.
Movement 1: As the Morning Fog Lifts
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Movement 2: Ol' Levee Stomp
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Movement 3: Voodoo Dance
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Movement 4: Funeral Function
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