Brass Quintet

Concertino in G Minor
by Zack Smith
Price: $10

Transposed parts can be ordered.

Zack has melded many of his influences into an entertaining Russian/Jewish/Latin/French concertino that will be a challenge to high school and college trumpeters alike, but is definitely achievable (if you can double tongue).  This is an original trumpet feature which runs about 5 and a half minutes with the soloist being accompanied by the other four members of the quintet.  Range is fairly moderate though there is one high B.  The piece begins with a lush opening statement, then moves to a brisk main theme.  A slow, languid section follows.  There is a cadenza and then a rousing restatement of the main theme which should bring the audience to their feet.  While the trumpet solo is the focus of the piece, the accompanying instruments do have some important lines and solos throughout -- so it should be fun for everyone to perform.

Originally written for brass quintet, the arrangement has been reduced into a piano accompaniment that is not too difficult, but should match the solo in excitement.

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