Brass Nonet

Stupid Kat's Odyssey
by Zack Smith
Price: $30

Transposed parts can be ordered.

This original composition is a work commissioned by Tony Clements and the BCMW (the Humboldt State U. Brass Chamber Music Workshop).  This is a college/professional level arrangement and may be a bit too demanding for some amateurs.  The first movement, "Escape to Freedom" begins with a Chorale, then moves to a percussive theme featuring the horn. Time signature squirrels back and forth between 4/4 and 7/4.  The second movement, "Under the Starry Skies" is a beautiful ballad featuring the first trumpet and can easily be played as a stand alone piece at a performance.  The last movement is the most challenging -- "The Strange Journey Home".  It begins with a bluesy waltz, then moves to a tricky, percussive up tempo 3/4.  This is followed by a 5/4 section with a sweeping melody, more of the more percussive up tempo theme, then a quirky "Carnival from Hell" section.  Finally, as our hero Stupid Kat gets close to his return, there is a "Kill Bill" inspired fight scene followed by a driving rock ending.  Running time for the entire work is about 13 minutes.

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3 Methods of Delivery

Download the arrangement from the link in your immediate confirmation e-mail as an Adobe PDF file and pay no shipping fee! Receive the arrangement as an e-mail attachment.  A $2 handling fee will be included.
(May take 1-2 days.)
Receive the printed sheet music in the mail.
(An additional shipping charge will apply plus a printing charge of $12.)

Print the sheet music yourself (PDF download).

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