Large Brass Ensemble
(10-piece group)

Jolly Old St. Nicholas
arr. Zack Smith
Price: $18

Transposed parts can be ordered.

This is the augmented version of Zack's quintet arrangement of this holiday classic.  It starts off innocently enough with Pachelbel's Canon.  The melody to Jolly Old St Nicholas enters on top, then a whole bunch of other songs begin stacking up on the familiar chord progression.  This sounds like a very serious piece of music until you realize that the French horn is playing "Puff the Magic Dragon", the trombone is noodling the "Burger King" jingle ("Hold the pickles hold the lettuce..."), and the euphonium is quoting the "Theme to Laverne and Shirley".  A nice way to add levity to your Christmas concert!

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3 Methods of Delivery

Download the arrangement from the link in your immediate confirmation e-mail as an Adobe PDF file and pay no shipping fee! Receive the arrangement as an e-mail attachment.  A $2 handling fee will be included.
(May take 1-2 days.)
Receive the printed sheet music in the mail.
(An additional shipping charge will apply plus a printing charge of $6.)

Print the sheet music yourself (PDF download).

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